Ocean’s Music Producers

by Orazio Gualtieri
March 31, 2014
Category:   Our Tenants

Byron & Byron has a wide variety of clients, and we pride ourselves on having the capability for providing bespoke units for businesses. This includes kitting out studios for musical endeavours, as we have already done for “Real Vibes Ltd”. “Banga Elektik (ministry of sound)” and our newest musical partners “Ocean’s Music Producers”.

Led by musical technology whizz Adedapo Ajayi, Ocean’s Music have nearly 400 sq ft of musical wonder. This includes a vocal booth and two offices in which the producers get to create their urban and soul masterpieces.

The company moved into the Highcross Centre N18 in January 2013, and since then have produced a number of collaborations with bright and upcoming urban talents.

To get in touch with the brains behind the music studio and for updates, why not subscribe to their “YOUtube” channel at www.youtube.com/user/Poppasprinkle.
Phone No. 07841462084

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