Mille Couleurs

by Orazio Gualtieri
March 9, 2014
Category:   Our Tenants


Mille couleurs moved into Regent Studios on December 1st 2010, entrenching 2 workshops on the ground floor, and an office overlooking the Finsbury Park area on the first floor. In that time the company has shown the world their intercontinental elegance matched with their fine craftsmanship – apparent from their wondrous and unique upholstery.


Translated from French "mille couleurs" means "a thousand colours", and this encapsulates the variety of talent that the company has in its arsenal. One can typically request anything from a hand painted silk banquette, to a Swarovski studded black velvet headboard. If that doesn’t please you, then I would recommend my personal favourite – a faux fur stretched fabric wall, as seen by some of our most beloved actors on the big screen.

Nearly 3 years on and Mille Couleurs continues to dazzle homes across the country. Their bespoke services can glamorise the interior of any household regardless of the size or age.

Why not check out their catalogue at www.mc-london.com, or call on 0207 263 3660.

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